Rinkoo Street Photographer 

"I never thought that I would become a photographer until I used an old Nokia N95 cameraphone. I took some casual photos on it whilst I was on holiday and showed some friends, who enjoyed looking at the photos I had taken. They kept asking me to take more pictures on my phone because they liked my photography. A few years later, I sold my German car, and with the money I bought myself a Canon 5D camera – my families thought I was crazy! I went away to Asia and played around with taking pictures on my new camera. I started to look at the pictures on my laptop and asked myself why I had decided to take those shots. I posted my photographs on Facebook and received some interesting feedback, so I decided to keep pursuing photography. I reflected on what interested me, what informed my shots, and why I had chosen to capture specific people or specific moments. I realised that as a Deaf person, I can’t always communicate with everyone – for example, when I’m on the bus, I can’t eavesdrop to glimpse into someone else’s life, but through photography, I can take snapshots of other peoples’ lives and experiences to learn a bit about them. I started becoming more interested in Street Photography and Documentary Photography. I have taken my camera to the USA, Mexico, Canada, Asia and across Europe. I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs."

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