Rinkoo is a working class man born to Punjabi parents, raised in Birmingham in the Thatcher era. Known for being the joker in school, work, the pub, or anywhere else he found himself, Rinkoo never considered himself a performer. After college, Rinkoo found himself experiencing exponential rejection. He applied for jobs from the British Army to Airport Baggage Handler, with rejection letter after letter. With seldom opportunities, Rinkoo found himself working as a cleaner at Aston Villa football stadium. Feeling professionally and creatively unfulfilled, Rinkoo applied for an in-vision translation position for ITV, with little hope that he would be successful. After having to bunk the train for hours because he couldn’t afford. At this point his luck change, as he beat hundreds of applicants to secure the job, being informed this was largely down to his ‘TV face’. Rinkoo enjoyed many years with TV, working with experts in linguistics and homing his vast visual language skills, but unfortunately racist issues and pay inequality became too great for Rinkoo to ignore, forcing him to leave this employment.

Rinkoo’s original audience were those around him after moving from place to place to find what he was looking for, silently observing all from the sidelines. Rinkoo lived in Birmingham, Derby, Newcastle and London, all before he was 28, searching for his fulfilment. This transpired into a love of laughs and Rinkoo was captivated by the world of comedy and performance. 

Rinkoo is inspired and partakes in Street photography, underwater filming and has been arrested in Egypt for being an American spy! A keen traveler of over thirty countries, Rinkoo is a self-professed hoover of culture and signed languages. Rinkoo proclaims he can never get through airport security without extensive scrutiny.

Social truth telling is another passion of Rinkoo's, exploring language origin and partaking in the historical research of colonialism and the affects this has had on signed languages. As a keen ethnic minority member, Rinkoo believes it's his humane duty to shine a mirror up to social and political injustices through performance, comedy, documentary and written story telling. 

Rinkoo's innovative, truth telling film making career led him to develop his 2015 Double Discrimination documentary, shown of Film4, uncovering the oppression experienced by Deaf ethnic minorities members within the Deaf community.

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